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Store your important files online using KatFile Cloud hosting, upload and retrieve them from any computer.

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If you are a Content maker such as video, music or simply a normal person and you have your own digital materials, and you are looking for a place to store it online, Katfile is the right place for you to store it safety and reliability.

Whatever you connect to the Internet through your desktop, laptop, tab, or any other smart device you always have the ability to access your digital materials in KatFile from any location in the world. You can also share it with your family, friends, and audience by providing them the URL addresses that would be generated after you upload your materials to KatFile.


Be aware that VPN connections for download is not supported

Usually when you are using any online file hosting site you need to wait for long time so that your download starts. When you are using features for free they have certain limitations. If you are expecting to get maximum download speed for free then you are out of luck. KatFile is already providing you with great features and if you are willing to get more then you need to spend some money. If you are sure that you will be using the premium account for short amount of time and you donít want much downloads then you can start with the 30 days plan. For 30 days you need to pay $12.99 and you will get all extra features.

if you are having a premium account then you will not be facing the waiting time issue. You will not need to wait for any download. The premium plans include 30 days , 90 days , 1 year and the LIFETIME one. It is up to you to grab the best offer at the right time. If you are willing to take advantage of premium account for long time then lifetime premium package is much advisable